• What temperature should SUPERPRETZEL products be at time of purchase?

    The SUPERPRETZEL product line is stored in the frozen food section of the supermarket. If a product box does not feel cold to the touch, please alert a store employee and choose a different box.

    How long can SUPERPRETZEL products be stored in the freezer?

    SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzel products retain their quality in the freezer for up to one year from the date of manufacture. As with all frozen food products, if the product has not been stored at zero degrees Fahrenheit, then freezer burn can occur. If the product has been subjected to several freeze/thaw cycles, then the product’s overall texture and taste will be affected.

    Why do ice crystals sometimes form on top of the product?

    Ice crystals occur naturally on frozen products. Excessive ice crystals (a snowy appearance) may result from fluctuations in storage temperature.

  • What should I do if my SUPERPRETZEL products thaw?

    SUPERPRETZEL products can be thawed and served for up to eight hours.

    What does the date code on the box mean?

    The code shows the expiration date of the product. The first two digits are the month, the next two digits are the date, the last two digits are the year, the letter is the manufacturing shift and the last four digits are the military time.

    Are SUPERPRETZEL products Kosher?

    Our SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzels and SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzel Bites are certified by OU.

  • If a child has a food allergy, which SUPERPRETZEL products can s/he eat safely?

    Please be sure to read the ingredient information on the SUPERPRETZEL product box or online to see if the potential allergen is present. You can find this information online in the Products section of this website. If you have further questions about a product, please submit an inquiry by Clicking Here.

    How should SUPERPRETZEL products be prepared?

    All SUPERPRETZEL products can be prepared in a conventional or toaster oven as well as a microwave oven. Please follow the heating instructions found on the back of SUPERPRETZEL packaging for best results.

    Where can additional soft pretzel salt be purchased?

    Our soft pretzel salt is made especially for us. However, Kosher salt is very similar and can be used as a substitute if you prefer more salt.

  • Do you have any serving suggestions for SUPERPRETZEL products?

    Absolutely! Visit our Tasty Tips Section for some of our favorite SUPERPRETZEL combinations, and remember SUPERPRETZEL tastes great with lots of dips and toppings so feel free to invent your own at home and share it with us on the SUPERPRETZEL Facebook Page.

    How many grams of trans fat are there in SUPERPRETZEL soft pretzels?

    SUPERPRETZEL soft pretzels have zero grams trans fat.

    Why aren't all SUPERPRETZEL products available in all stores?

    If you are unable to find SUPERPRETZEL products at your preferred grocery store, we recommend that you express your interest to your store’s frozen foods manager.

  • Do you have coupons available?

    Yes. Visit our Deals Section for our latest deals!

    How can food service professionals get SUPERPRETZEL products?

    Please Click Here for food service trade information.